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Why Try Metadrin?

  • It works! You WILL have effective natural migraine relief!
  • It’s Safe! There are NO adverse side effects as the
    ingredients are 100% herbal and natural
  • There are NO negative effects on your kidney or
    liver function.
  • There are NO gastrointestinal side effects.
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How Does Metadrin Migraine Relief Work?

The natural compounds in Metadrin act in concert on a wide host of enzymes providing a broad action, hence they have a very effective anti-inflammatory benefit, with little to no side effects.

This compound is combined with Picamilon, a reaction product of Niacin and GABA, providing highly effective vasodilation, countering the constriction of blood vessels.

The anti-inflammatory effects of the plant compounds, paired with the vasodilation properties of Picamilon, create a unique natural migraine headache remedy that is both safe and highly effective. See How It Works for more…

Our Customers Agree:

“I had a lot of pain from migraines so I decided to try Metadrin. When my bottles arrived I did not have a headache at the time so they  went on the shelf. Then about 1 week later, here comes this screaming migraine so I grabbed the bottle of Metadrin and gave it a try. Wow, my pain was gone in less than 45 minutes! Since then, I have been taking one Metadrin per day and I have not had another migraine since and have recommended Metadrin to several of my friends. Thank you SO much.”
- Dan G. – Maine

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